Debra Antifaev

Debra Antifaev

Debra, along with her husband, five children, and 4 grandchildren are long term residents of Surrey. The family has always believed in giving back to the community and are strong supporters of the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation.

Debra has always been an active member in her community, particularly through her children. In 2000, when her second youngest son was diagnosed with severe autism, she set about lobbying the Surrey School District to create a Support Worker program so that children like her son could be included. She is the Director of Families for Early Autism Treatment of BC and served on the steering committee of The Pacific Autism Family Network. The Autism Education Society was founded in her basement and she can often be found helping parents of newly diagnosed children navigate the complexities of securing Government funding.

As a proactive member of the Surrey community and vocal advocate for accessibility in schools, Debra will represent parents and renters on City Council. As part of the Safe Surrey Coalition, she intends to make a Surrey a safe, accommodating, liveable place for generations to come.


“Doug McCallum and Safe Surrey Coalition have shown they are the party that acts and delivers, they are the party that gets it done. I am excited to put my name forward with Safe Surrey Coalition because I have door knocked and volunteered for so many politicians over the years and I have heard from folks that politicians talk but never deliver. It is to my surprise that Doug McCallum actually has delivered on every single campaign promise in record time, which I have never seen from a politician before.

“I am passionate about housing - for everyone. Supported housing for the disabled, reasonable rental housing, and affordable housing for the middle class. I have no doubts that, with Safe Surrey Coalition, I can fulfill my passion and get it done for the people of Surrey. I’ve attended conventions, written, and presented resolutions, and lobbied the government for people with disabilities - I think it's time I actually join the decision makers.”